Njinn Automation

Automate any IT process
in a day or less.

Provide top level-service quality to your business. Ramp-up your process digitalization and automation in no time.  Process Automation for today’s IT and Dev departments.

Connect your systems and applications

Service desk



continiuous delivery

container technologies


cloud provider


System Integration -
the Key to Automation

In our daily work we touch many applications. Connecting these systems enables you to automate your processes and break up silos. Orchestrate the old, the new, on-premise and in the cloud.

From Scripts to
Managed Automation

Already have scripts automating tasks? You can simply have them managed by Njinn. This will give you a single source of truth for your processes, automatic code distribution where needed, a changelog and execution history.

Ensure Compliance
and Be Audit Ready

Easily provide proof of exactly what happened when and where.
A full audit trail of each task and every third-party system interaction.

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