Njinn Automation

Automation Platform

Njinn (pronounced engine) is an Automation Platform that enables you to visualize processes and automate tasks. At the center are Workflows which take care of running your code and can range in complexity from a single to hundreds of tasks.

Graphical Workflow Builder

Designing complex workflows with lots of tasks and branches from scratch is made easy by our graphical workflow builder. Quickly assemble the desired workflow via drag and drop, visualize and share your work.

Automation as Code

A specification language in a precise, readable format allows for easy integration with version control systems like GIT, easier change reviews and enables you to use your preferred, local editor to adapt definitions

Live Monitoring


Who, What, When, Where and Why. See what’s happening, while it’s happening.


Pause and resume executions as you wish, cancel tasks or re-run workflows. You’re the Boss.


Inspect task results, debug errors and verify inputs. We’ve got plenty of logs for you to enjoy.

Values and Benefits


In order to execute a workflow, you can run it manually via the GUI or set a schedule via cron expression. Workflows can also be triggered via the REST API or specific URLs to allow for Webhook integration from third-party services.


Tasks often rely on each other not only in terms of execution order but also on data they produce. Any task-output can be used by succeeding tasks to parameterize their input


Trigger workflow executions from a multitude of third-party systems via webhooks. Use query parameters, HTTP headers, or request body payload to parametrize executions. Secure webhooks with restrictions on HTTP headers and source IP ranges.


Often tasks need to run a number of times based on some variable. Looping a task instead of inside a script takes advantage of all monitoring and logging mechanisms in Njinn.

Transitions & Dependencies

A sequence of tasks can be defined based on success or failure per individual task or regardless of task outcome. Njinn also allows for a list of successors to generate multiple paths in the workflow and execute tasks in parallel and define separate branches for error handling.


Automated process often have to deal with overloaded services, network outages or unresponsive APIs. Retry policies are a powerful tool to increase robustness in your processes and spares the operator from sporadic failures.

From Scripts to Managed Automation

Already have scripts deployed? Add them to Njinn! You can simply copy and paste existing scripts to have them managed by Njinn. This will give you a single source of truth for your code, will automatically distribute them where needed, keep a changelog and execution history.

You write it, we run it

While we favour Python, Njinn is not limited to specific technologies. Shell scripts, PowerShell, Groovy, Python, Perl, etc.

Deep Python Integration

Python, one of the most wanted language according to Stack Overflow, has been used for system integration purposes for 30 years with great success. Decades of development have provided a mature toolset for sysadmins and software engineers alike.


One of Python success-factors is the availability of an enormous open source library ecosystem. PyPi (the Python Package Index) hosts over 190.000 libraries, available to everyone and free of charge. Need to integrate with Jira, sync files via FTP or send messages via Slack? All of those and thousands more have already been done for you and are ready to be used.

No need to download and install anything. Just add a list of requirements to your Task and Njinn will take care of distributing your Code and providing all dependencies.

The best part about using standard technologies? You can develop, test and version control your custom Actions in your favourite IDE. No need to use any proprietary, specialized UI or development environment.

Python, keeps its top rank in the list of most popular technologies as general purpose language right behind frontend technologies (JavaScript, HTML/CSS) and the long runner SQL.

Python also keeps its position in the top 3 of most loves technologies and is still the top wanted language people express an interest to develop with. Indicators that proof the available talent pool now and in the years to come based on this easy to adopt and powerful scripting language.

Source: Stackoverflow Developer Survey 2020

As a Service – connect on-premise

Njinn is a Software as a Service (SaaS) offering. To integrate with services in private networks, we offer workers. Workers can be set up on your servers and take care of executing Actions.

Workers communicate with the Njinn services via secured HTTP and AMQP connections and are not required to be accessible from the world wide web.

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