Njinn Automation

We are here to help you on your automation journey

The Njinn Automation Platform provides you with all the tools
you need to automate your business. However, automating processes means dedicating time and brain power. It involves exploration, ROI analysis, to process optimization. We support you in all of these steps, while you keep your daily business running.

Process Discovery

Automation involves more than just substituting manual tasks with technology. Our experts can help you identifying processes that are already in place, how to optimize them and explore their potential for automation, as well as their impact to grow your organisation.

Workflow Design & Implementation

The journey from theory to practice can often feel like running an obstacle course. A lot of falling down and bumping into walls. We have spent the last decade automating processes and building up best practices to avoid these pitfalls and help businesses to reach their goals.

Custom Integrations

There are new technologies emerging every day and customized services are almost ubiquitous. Even though its possible to work with generic out-of-the-box integrations; there often is the need for some aid. We have never seen a project that didn’t involve the need for custom integrations.

Operations & Maintenance

Automation is like the conductor of an orchestra: Directing actions across distributed systems, letting everyone know what they need to do and when to do it. These systems may change over time, have downtime or behave unexpectedly. Let us keep an eye on day-to-day operations, deal with failures and mitigate errors.

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